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The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery

The Norman Parathyroid Center operates out of the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery–a beautiful new hospital built to house the Norman Parathyroid Center and its three sister centers: the Clayman Thyroid Center, the Carling Adrenal Center, and the Scarless-Robotic Thyroid Center. We no longer operate at Tampa General Hospital.

A Dedicated Endocrine Hospial is Better for You!

Hospital for Endocrine Surgery

A hospital dedicated to one disease process has many benefits for you, both seen and unseen. What you will find obvious are marble floors leading to a beautiful waiting area. You will also find that all of the staff have taken care of thousands of parathyroid patients before you, so they are aware of your needs and know how to make your stay with us pleasant and stress-free. We also hope you can see that every member of our team is happy and they enjoy their jobs.

Safety is Rule #1

One of the most important aspects of our surgical practice is the safety and efficiencies that come from dedicating the entire hospital to one disease. For instance, our hospital is not exposed to the dangerous bacteria and infections that are present in all “normal” hospitals. We know of no other parathyroid surgeons who share this model—they simply can’t because they do not have the volume to support even one operating room and therefore the hospital uses those same operating rooms to take care of any patient with any disease, no matter how contaminated they are.

It is a great benefit to you to be taken care of in a facility (and by staff) that is not regularly exposed to the typical hospital-acquired bacterias. We are not aware of any patient that got an infection of one of our wounds.

COVID-19 Virus and the Move to the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery

There are zero COVID patients anywhere in this hospital. We don’t have beds for these folks–they go to other area hospitals.

Every doctor, nurse, technician, and employee at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery has dedicated their career to the treatment of patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal problems. These endocrine tumors are the only operations performed at this hospital. You will be surrounded by other patients just like you, many of whom have traveled long distances to see us.

Flying In to See Us?  We Can Help With Transportation

If you stay at one of our 5 partner hotels, they will provide transportation to and from the airport, and to and from the hospital in a new Mercedes Sprinter Van dedicated to our patients.

Hospital for Endocrine Surgery Limo Van

Our Sister Centers Within the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery 

The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery houses the Norman Parathyroid Center and its three sister centers: The Clayman Thyroid Center, the Carling Adrenal Center, and the Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery Center. Each of these is the highest volume surgical practice of their type in the US (and for parathyroid and adrenal, in the world).

The Clayman Thyroid Center

The synergy between parathyroid disease and thyroid disease is obvious. In 2016 we successfully recruited the most experienced and sought-after thyroid surgeon in America to join our team. Dr Gary Clayman was the Chief of Surgical Oncology and the Head of Thyroid/Endocrine Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas for 17 years.

Dr Clayman came to Tampa to open the Clayman Thyroid Cancer Center alongside Dr Norman and colleagues. Drs Clayman, Roy, Walsh and Suh perform all forms of thyroid surgery, even robotic SCARLESS thyroid surgery. We are the highest volume thyroid surgery center in the US.  If your family is in need of surgical excellence for thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer, then introduce them to the thyroid-side of our new facility. You can read more about thyroid cancer at www.thyroidcancer.com and more about Dr Gary Clayman.

Carling Adrenal Center.

We added adrenal surgery to our offerings by bringing in the most famous and highest volume adrenal surgeon in the world–Dr Tobias Carling, MD, PhD.   Dr Carling was Chief of Endocrine Surgery at Yale University prior to joining Drs Norman and Clayman in 2019. We perform more adrenal surgery than any other hospital in the world–by more than 10-fold. Read more at www.adrenal.com

Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery Center

Dr Hyun Suh, MD, FACS joined us in 2020 from Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC where he was the Director of Endocrine Surgery. Dr Suh is a master at robotic thyroid surgery and he removes thyroid tumors without any neck scar at all. This is an amazing operation for a young woman with a thyroid mass or thyroid cancer. Read more at www.scarless-thyroid.com