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Parathyroid Center History

Unparalleled Care and Expertise

The Norman Parathyroid Center is the leading provider of health information and services for parathyroid disorders worldwide. The online educational information and decision support applications we provide help consumers take an active role in managing their health by providing objective, peer-reviewed information on parathyroid function and disease. Our surgical center in Tampa, Florida is dedicated to parathyroid surgery exclusively and boasts the 7 most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the world with the highest cure rates possible via our exclusive 2-surgeon 4-gland examination that typically takes 20 minutes.

Founded in 1994, NPC has treated far more patients with parathyroid disorders than any other institution. Our surgeons have made numerous advances in the way parathyroid surgery is performed and have published over 750 peer-reviewed articles including the 8 largest publications on hyperparathyroidism.

Unmatched Experience

We have performed over 45,000 parathyroid operations, now performing approximately 3,700 annually; more than 75 per week. Complex patients with associated thyroid problems or previous failed parathyroid surgery comprise over 35% of our practice. We perform nearly 80% of the parathyroid operations in Florida, and nearly 10% of all parathyroid surgery in the US; more than the top 20 universities combined. We are the leading parathyroid surgeons for patients residing in nearly 40 states including California, Texas and New York. Our patients come from all over the world, with nearly 60% living outside of Florida and 8% living outside the US. We operate on more patients from Canada than any hospital in Canada.

Our Founder

NPC was founded by Dr Jim Norman while he was professor of surgery and director of endocrine surgery at the University of South Florida. Dr Norman made a number of discoveries and advances in the conduct of parathyroid surgery that have revolutionized the field. His innovations (several of which were patented) have changed a 4-hour exploration into a 20-minute, routine, outpatient procedure. Dr Norman has been the leading international voice for innovation in parathyroid diagnosis and treatment for over 2 decades.

The Dream Team of parathyroid surgeons

One of Dr Norman’s greatest skills is in team building and he has put together the world’s finest group of endocrine surgeons, each brilliant and a rising star prior to joining the NPC team. He successfully recruited the best endocrine surgeons from around the country to work with a single mission and focus–to change parathyroid disease and parathyroid surgery.

Each of the surgeons are unparalleled in their knowledge of hyperparathyroidism and in their expertise within the tricky confines of the human neck. This “Dream Team” of head/neck surgeons perform one operation with unparalleled expertise. These guys are not your average local surgeons. These guys (and gal) are far, far better at this than anybody else in the world.

Our Two Hospitals

We enjoy a great relationship with Tampa General Hospital, our exclusive home for nearly 25 years. TGH is one of the nation’s largest hospitals and is ranked among the nation’s best, and the top hospital in Florida in 2015. All of our operations are within the Parathyroid Center at TGH, a beautiful facility built for us 9 years ago overlooking the calming waters of Tampa Bay.

In May, 2020 we moved about 20% of our parathyroid operations to Memorial Hospital of Tampa in response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. We did this to spread our patients out to increase patient spacing, and to take advantage of the fact that Memorial Hospital remained almost completely virus free through the entire pandemic. We could not be happier with the folks at Memorial Hospital.

Our operating rooms are dedicated to parathyroid surgery only and thus they are not exposed to the aggressive bacteria and other contaminants that can be found in large hospitals and operating rooms—providing yet another un-seen benefit to our patients—infection rates near zero.

All of the Parathyroid Center staff work with the parathyroid team exclusively and have dedicated their careers to taking care of parathyroid patients. Thus, our nurses, techs, and staff know exactly what to expect for our patients and can anticipate their every need. Every member of our team aims is to provide the best doctor/hospital experience our patients have ever had.

Thyroid Vs. Parathyroid — A Missed Opportunity

In the fall of 2016, we were successful in recruiting America’s most experienced, and most well-known THYROID surgeon to join our team.  Dr Gary Clayman was the chief of head/neck oncology and the chief of endocrine surgery at MD Anderson Hospital (Houston, TX) for over 17 years before joining us.

In just over one year, the Clayman Thyroid Center, a sister center working hand-in-hand with the Norman Parathyroid Center, has become the top thyroid cancer center in the US, performing about 1000 thyroid cancer operations annually. We expect to perform 7,000 thyroid and parathyroid operations by 2019, far more than any other institution in the world. We are about to embark on a very large construction project (late 2017) that will increase the size of our Center. We’re taking over the entire 6th floor of the hospital!

Bringing the best thyroid and parathyroid surgeons together under one umbrella provides significant benefits to our patients because of the collective experience and expertise with virtually any situation that can arise. So, when a friend or family member requires thyroid surgery, have them contact the Clayman Thyroid Center www.ThyroidCancer.com.

Technology-Driven Healthcare

We are dedicated to using technology to augment the diagnosis of disease, improve outcomes, and enhance the overall patient experience. This dedication started with Dr Norman’s developments in the operating room in the early 1990’s, expanded to his enhancement of the techniques for performing sestamibi scans, and then developing www.parathyroid.com in 1996 (very early Internet) which now boasts over 11,000 unique users per day, downloading one million pages of text every few weeks.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the latest technologies we use to enhance patient outcomes and empower the patient to understand their disease and contribute to their own diagnosis and treatment. The app you are using now is our third mobile app. Our first, CalciumPro, is a 5-star rated app that has helped tens of thousands of patients diagnose their hyperparathyroidism and has been a top-rated medical app since its release in 2013.

We didn’t just buy this app from some vendor… we made it from scratch using our friends at Haneke Designs–one of the country’s best app developers, located here in Tampa. If you like this app, please give it a 5-Star rating in the App Store!

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