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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

This app does not ask for or collect any personal information about any user, except as outlined below in the section on Feedback and Social Media which is designed for this purpose and under your control. Non-registered Guests are anonymous at all times. Patients of the Norman Parathyroid Center (NPC) who are using the app as a registered user are known to NPC. The app does not ask any health-related or personal information. No personal health-related information is contained or stored within the app.

This app may provide us with information related to a user’s use of the app and use of our services and content accessed using the app. We may use such information to provide and improve the app or our services. For example, we may collect the device identification number and type, location information and connection information such as statistics on which pages of the app you have visited, traffic to and from the app, and any referral URL. We may do this using cookies or similar technologies for this purpose. You can configure our mobile application’s privacy settings on your device but this may affect the performance of that mobile application and the way it interacts with our applications and services.

The app is designed to help you engage certain information which is timely and relevant for you. For instance, the app will send you a notice 24 hours prior to your scheduled operation time to remind you of your scheduled arrival time and to provide you helpful information about how to get to the hospital, what to wear, and what to bring. Once again, you can configure the app’s privacy settings on your device to opt out of these notifications but this may affect the performance of the app and it’s intended content assistance.

We may ask you to take part in surveys, and we may provide you with opportunities to post on our message boards, blogs, download information such as white papers or other publications or participate in any other interactive areas that appear on our website or within our application or service.

We do not share any information about registered users or guests with third parties. There is no third-party sharing between this app and any other app. Your address book will not be accessed at any time. To provide personalized information, the app may, from time to time accesses local resources and other capabilities of your phone or tablet (e.g., mobile and/or LAN network interface, GPS and other location-based services, camera, photos, SMS or MMS messaging, and Bluetooth). We may do this to help direct you to restaurants that are approved by our patients or nearby your hotel. This app is intended to be used by adults only.

Interacting with us using social media

We may provide you opportunities to interact with social media on your own behalf or on sites maintained by the Norman Parathyroid Center. This will be at your decision and at your control. If you intend giving us personal information about someone else, you must ensure that beforehand you have their explicit consent to do so and that you explain to them how we collect, use, disclose and retain their personal information or direct them to read our privacy notice.

Where the mobile app belongs to a third party (i.e., Facebook), you must read that third party’s own privacy notice as it will apply to your use of that third-party app. We are not responsible for such third-party apps or websites and their use of your personal information.

How we use your information

By using this app, you agree that we may use any information we collect from you to: 1) provide any information and services that you have requested or any applications or services that you have ordered; 2) provide any applications, products, services and information that you have requested from us; 3) manage and administer your use of applications, products and services you have asked us to provide; 4) manage our relationship with you (for example, customer services and support activities); 5) monitor, measure, improve and protect our content, website, applications and services; 6) provide you with any information that we are required to send you to comply with our regulatory or legal obligations; 7) contact you to see if you would like to take part in our customer research (for example, feedback on your use of our applications, products and services); 8) deliver targeted advertising, marketing (including in-product messaging) or information to you which may be useful to you, based on your use of our applications and services; 9) deliver joint content and services with third parties which whom you have a separate relationship (for example, social media providers such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and Twitter); 10) provide you with location based services (for example, advertising and other personalized content from restaurants near you), where we collect geo-location data; 11) gather statistical information about the operating system and environment from which you access our applications or services.

Calcium Science, LLC remains the sole owner and copyright holder of this app. Calcium Science, LLC develops mobile medical apps for the scientific analysis, monitoring and long-term tracking of diseases of calcium metabolism. This app was developed by physicians at the Norman Parathyroid Center who are recognized world-wide as leaders in this field and the group of physicians with more experience taking care of patients with hyperparathyroidism than any other group.

In agreement with Calcium Science, LLC, the physicians at the Norman Parathyroid Center will have access to the generic, cumulative information showing how users interact with the app and will from time to time use the collective information for research purposes for a better understanding of calcium, vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, hyperparathyroidism, and osteoporosis. Calcium Science, LLC retains all ownership and rights to the data collected in connection with the app and its usage. We enable you to connect with social media such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your experience with the app, or connect with other users who may have a similar medical condition. We cannot control the actions of others with whom you may choose to share your pages and information.