After Your Operation

Activities After Surgery / Exercise / Work

As soon as you leave the hospital, you can do almost anything you want, with 2 exceptions:

  • You cannot drive yourself until the next day. You cannot drive a car the day of surgery. You can be a passenger, but you can’t drive.
  • No airplane travel until the day after surgery. If you are flying home, fly the next day.

Exercise in 2 days

You can start exercising lightly the second day after surgery. However, if your activity causes your neck to hurt then stop doing it (did we really need to say that?). You can start running on day number three. Golf on day two or three. Tennis on day four. Swimming on day two (the band-aid can get wet).  If the activity hurts your neck, then stop and give it a few more days.

Back to work in 2 days

You can expect to go back to work or school in 2 days. Some people go back to work the very next day, but this is quite variable. There is no danger in you going back to work or school, so feel free to get back to your normal routine within a day or two. Remember to take your calcium pills with you so you can take them during the day.

What do other surgeons do?

Did you know that most other surgeons tell their patients to take 2 weeks off of work after parathyroid surgery?  And that you can’t exercise for a month?

Little, quick operations have quick recoveries. You will be amazed at how quick you get back to feeling good and back to doing the things you loved. So go to it!  No worries!