After Your Operation

Bruising in skin of my neck.


Bruising is uncommon, but happens

A question we sometimes get after a parathyroid operation is this: “I have some bruising around the incision and extending down my neck. Is this dangerous?”

Bruising around the incision is due to a small amount of bleeding right under the skin. It is normal and will heal just like any other bruise. The bruise can even start to move down onto your chest over a few days – this does not mean that you are still bleeding. It is just the effect of gravity. It doesn’t look pretty, but it doesn’t affect your healing and it is not dangerous. If you have any question, take a photo of your neck and text it to us.

Bottom line:

Bruising is a normal part of surgery. We take lots of steps to try to prevent it during our parathyroid operations, but sometimes it happens. It can be ugly, but it isn’t dangerous. Again, any questions, take a picture and text it to us.