After Your Operation

Do I take 1 calcium pill or 2?


This is a question we get when people read the small print on the calcium bottle which says there is “630 mg of calcium citrate per dose, and a dose is 2 pills”. We have learned from putting tens of thousands of parathyroid patients on calcium that the best and easiest way to do everything in “pills” not calcium milligrams. When we say to take 5 pills per day, that means 5 pills per day… not 10 pills per day.

One pill, means One pill

When we say “take 3 pills the second week of surgery, we are talking about 3 Citracal tablets, each one containing 315 mg calcium.  Wanna know why we use calcium citrate and not calcium carbonate?  Because taking a lot of calcium carbonate makes many people constipated. Yuk, that isn’t something you wanted to know was it?