After Your Operation

Should I keep taking blood pressure pills?


Parathyroid patients have hypertension

It has been known for several decades that hyperparathyroidism is associated with a much higher rate of blood pressure problems and hypertension. In fact, about twice as many of our patients are on blood pressure medications than their peers who don’t have a parathyroid problem.

There is good evidence that some patients will have improvements in their blood pressure after parathyroid surgery, but if this happens, it does so after 6-9 months (or even longer) after the operation to cure the hyperparathyroidism. So after your parathyroid operation you must stay on any blood pressure pills.

Talk to your doctor about this and then about 6 months after the parathyroid operation, the two of you should start looking for opportunities to decrease the number and strength of blood pressure medicines you take. Do not ever cut back on blood pressure pills without talking it over with your doctor who can monitor your blood pressure and any improvements if they come.