After Your Operation

What is maximum calcium I can take?


People who are having a few tingles from low calcium after parathyroid surgery occasionally get concerned that they are taking too many calcium pills. The call and ask “I going to overdose?” If you have been feeling low calcium symptoms and have started taking more calcium, you are probably wondering what the limit is. If you truly have low calcium, then there is no absolute limit – you need to take as much as you need—but we need to know.

We want you to give us a call when you get to 10 pills so we can chat about the symptoms and make sure you are doing the right thing. We want to make sure that it is really low calcium that is causing your symptoms, and not something else. We also want to guide you through how many pills to take each day and how to taper off that high dose once your normal parathyroids start kicking in.

Most people never get low calcium symptoms. Read the BIG PICTURE about low calcium.