Before Your Operation

Our Most Common Hotels

Important Virus Information

If you are staying at one of our hotels, DO NOT check out in the morning. Tell the hotel you are having surgery with the Norman Parathyroid Center and ask for a late checkout and they will likely allow you to check out at 2:00 pm (occasionally at 3:00 pm). Since your family can’t stay at the hospital with you due to the new virus rules, they can stay at the hotel and have a place to leave their things and a place to relax while waiting for you. So always tell them you want a late check out so your family can hang there until you are ready to leave the hospital.

Our Four Main Hotels

The vast majority of our patients stay at one of our 4 partner hotels which are listed in this app in the order of the number of patients who stay there (and not by price). You can make reservations at one of these hotels right here within the app, or by going directly to our HOTELS PAGE of PARATHYROID.COM   This link will take you out of the app and directly to our Hotels page of our website.

This section of the app also lists some OTHER HOTELS in Tampa hotels that are nearby and that are used by our patients.