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Our 5 Partner Hotels

Our 5 Partner Hotels

The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery is very fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with 5 local hotels run by a management team that Dr Norman has worked with for nearly 20 years. They have taken care of tens of thousands of our patients and know their needs. Trust us, these are very nice hotels at a great price, in a nice part of town, immediately adjacent to the airport and near lots of nice restaurants. Do not think twice–this is where you should stay–we have it all figured out for you!

Sprinter Van Limo Service to the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery and Back

You don’t need a car if you stay at one of our 5 partner hotels. They will provide Sprinter Van Limo will be waiting for you at the front door of the hotel, and when you are ready to leave the hospital and return to the hotel they will be back waiting for you. The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery Limo Van service runs from 04:30 am (first pick up at the hotel) until 4:00 pm (last pick up at the hospital).  If you are going to use this service (and you should if you are traveling from far away), then make sure you let our scheduling team know so we can make sure your operation is completed and you are ready to go back to the hotel by 4:00 pm. The van leaves the hospital on the hour. You need to use our links to book your hotel (the links here are the same as they are on our website), and this will let the hotel know you are expecting to use the shuttle service.

Hospital for Endocrine Surgery Limo Van

Our 5 Partner Hotels Are: (tap a link to make a reservation). You can read more about each of these by hitting the ” Go Back” button at the top and then selecting each individual hotel.

You can make reservations at one of these hotels right here within the app, or by going directly to our Hotels Page of   This link will take you out of the app and directly to our Hotels page of our website which has more information on each hotel.