Before Your Operation

Using this app. READ ME

This app is a great resource before, and for months after your parathyroid operation. Every question you could ask is answered in this app.

This app will guide you through every part of your visit to the the world-famous Norman Parathyroid Center — now operating at the brand new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery. This app will help make this the best medical experience of your life. If you are our patient, the app is customized for you if you sign in: enter your email and your cell phone number. If you can’t get in, no big deal–it is 95% the same for visitors.  If you are coming with family or a friend, the app will help you understand what is going on.

If you are having parathyroid surgery somewhere else and not at our Center… GREAT!  We welcome you too! There is a huge amount of information for all parathyroid patients here.

The app is divided into 6 color-coded segments based around the timing of your visit with us.

1)  Before Your Operation

The first section is color-coded green. We want you to read this material about 2 weeks prior to your operation. This section will help you plan your trip, how long to stay, and even book a hotel using our accounts. If you stay at one of our 5 partner hotels, you do not need a rental car–they will pick you up at the airport, and the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery has a Sprinter Van Limo that will take you from the hotel to the hospital and back.

This green section also tells you about the importance of calcium and instructs you to buy your calcium that you need to bring with you. Finally, we want you to read your post-op instructions before you get here. It will tell you how long to be in Tampa, when to drive, what to eat, etc.

2)  Day of Surgery

The second section is about the day of surgery and it is color coded yellow. This will tell you about the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery and what time to be there. We describe your room, the scans, your nurses, meeting anesthesia, and what to bring with you to the hospital. You can read the impressive bios of the three surgeons operating on your day.  Make sure your family has a copy of this app because this section will help them understand all that is happening too.

3)  After Your Operation

The third section is blue and it has everything you need to know about your post-op care. We discuss postoperative pain (there isn’t very much), your bandage, and of course calcium is discussed. Dozens of other topics are discussed that will allow you to know what to expect, and what to do. The second part of the blue section has lots of routine questions about what to do in the hours, days, and weeks after your parathyroid surgery.

4)  Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ

The FAQ section is orange and is a compilation of dozens of questions that our patients ask. It is very likely that any question you have is answered here. Also note that this section has a “search” function so you can find anything easily. For routine post op questions, start in the blue section, but also check the orange section 4.

5)  About Our Center

The purple section tells the history of the Norman Parathyroid Center and has the bios of all seven of our world-leading surgeons. This is also where you can learn about the parathyroid operation that we perform and why this is the best operation available. The legal information and Terms of Use / Disclaimer / Privacy policy is also found here.

6)  How Did We Do?

The last section is very important to us!  This section doesn’t work until the day of surgery but please use it then. This is your opportunity to help us spread the word. It is an opportunity to share your experience with us and leave feedback on important websites that people use to find doctors and learn about parathyroid surgery. This is your opportunity to help us teach about hyperparathyroidism and the need to get it fixed! We are hoping that you can give us a 5-Star rating for the care we are giving you.

Video Testimonial Maker

COOL!  Many of our patients want to spread the news and teach people about this disease. This app has a tool located within the “How Did We Do?” section that will help you make a video about your topic of choice, limited to a succinct 45 seconds. You get to review the video to make sure you like it, or start all over. Once you approve it, it is sent to our office where we will put it on the website on a new page we are making for patient videos. Imagine if you had the opportunity to watch hundreds of videos of people just like you going through the exact same thing. This is your chance to help others!