Day of Your Operation

Getting to the Hospital

Your Surgery has not yet been scheduled.

The Norman Parathyroid Center performs about 70% of its parathyroid operations at the Parathyroid Center located in Tampa General Hospital, near downtown Tampa. The hospital is actually on a beautiful island located at the top of Tampa Bay with beautiful views of the bay and downtown Tampa. You will get here by 1) your own car, 2) taxi/Uber/Lyft, or 3) shuttle from one of our partner hotels.

If you are driving yourself by car, we strongly suggest you valet your car at the Front Entrance of the hospital. It costs $5 and when you are ready to leave the hospital after your operation, your nurse will call down to the valet and get your car ready for you. If you would rather park your car yourself, then park it in the very obvious parking garage. Please tip the valets.

If you take a taxi or Uber/Lyft from your hotel, have them take you to the Front Entrance (not the McDonald’s entrance). If you take a shuttle from one of the hotels, they know exactly where to go.

Once inside

From the Front Entrance, you go just inside the front glass doors and take an immediate left to go down a long glass-walled hallway with marble floors. You do not go into the main part of the hospital.

There are signs on the wall that say “Parathyroid Center”. Go to the end of this long hallway that ends at a set of elevators and take this to the top (6th) floor. That’s it! You are there. The receptionist (usually it is Sue) will greet you and tell you where to go.

Also note that as you walk along this long glass-lined hallway, the cafeteria is on the right side. This cafeteria was remodeled in 2016 and is quite nice. This is the cafeteria where your family will go have breakfast or lunch while you are in the operating room.


Unfortunately, during the Virus Crisis your family cannot come into Tampa General Hospital with you. They won't be allowed in--and that is a bummer for you and us. But we have been doing this for a few months now and it is working out. The surgeons will contact your family before and after your operation to update them on your progress, and then on how you did in the operating room and what they found.

If you are staying at one of our hotels, DO NOT check out in the morning. Tell the hotel you are having surgery with the Norman Parathyroid Center and ask for a late checkout (probably about 3:00pm). This will give your family a place to stay and relax while waiting for you. This is MUCH better than having them sit in the car for hours.