Day of Your Operation

Taking your calcium


We talk about taking calcium pills after the operation in many places within this app because it is vitally important for you to take your calcium pills. You should have come with your calcium and you will get instructions on how often to take it.

Your first calcium pill

You will take your first calcium pill about 15 minutes after the operation; it is given to you by your nurse in the recovery room. Most people don’t remember taking this pill because the anesthesia drugs have not completely worn off. No worries, the nurses will help make sure you are doing the right thing when you leave.

Please read the Post-Op Instructions part of the app for more information (this is the light blue section of the app). This information is contained on the app, and it will be given to you in paper form the morning of surgery. Our nurse practitioner Anna Franklin will spend some time with you before the operation to chat with you about calcium and the doctors will make sure you understand this as well. Our nurses will also go over this with you just before you leave the hospital and help you get a time schedule planned for taking the calcium. Please make sure you understand the Post Op Instructions portion of this app.