Day of Your Operation

The Parathyroid Center

The new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery

The Norman Parathyroid Center operates out of the brand new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery–a hospital build specifically to cater to the needs of patients with parathyroid, thyroid and adrenal tumors. The hospital is home to the Norman Parathyroid Center, the Clayman Thyroid Center, the Carling Adrenal Center, and the Robotic Scarless Thyroid Center.  This hospital performs more thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery than any other hospital in the world by far.

We are the only dedicated parathyroid surgical practice in the world. All of our patients have a similar problem as you, and many have come a very long way to see us. You will meet some very nice people who have some great stories to tell.

We operate on patients from all over the world with about 60% of our patients coming from outside of Florida, and about 8% living outside of the US. We operate on about 3-4 Canadians every week which is more than any hospital in Canada. We operate on several people from Europe and the Middle East every week.

We are parathyroid disease exclusively

All of the nurses and everybody else you will meet at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery has dedicated their career to taking care of patients with endocrine tumors. Within this group are nurses and techs who specialize even further with expertise in parathyroid disease. These nurses and OR techs work with us every day. Many were hand-picked from the other hospitals where we worked prior to the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery being opened.

A team approach

One of the big reasons why we are so successful at parathyroid surgery is because of our team approach, and our team does one thing only. The operating room nurses and techs have seen thousands upon thousands of parathyroid operations and they are extremely good at their craft. The nurses in the pre-op and post-op areas have taken care of many thousands of parathyroid patients so they know exactly what is going to happen to you and when it is going to happen. So sit back and let the world’s best team pamper you and take care of all of your needs.

Use the WiFi

There is free WIFI internet service for you and your family. Simply look for the “guest” server. Click on this, scroll to the bottom and click on “agree”. There is a TV in your room (for your family to watch while you are getting your scan and when waiting your turn in the operating room).