Day of Your Operation

What to Bring


Bring a smile! And bring something to do (a book, i-pad, etc)

Good things are going to happen to you after your operation!  Bring this app with you and keep it open during the day so you know who everybody is and what is coming next for you.  We will give you a few pieces of paper to read, and you are going to be busy getting scans and talking with the surgeons and nurses.

If you are one of the first 6 operations in our day then you won’t have too much time to read or do anything.  We will be keeping you busy.  If your arrival time to the hospital is 9:00 am or later, then you should bring something to read and be aware that you may have an hour or so of down time until it is your turn.  Of course, you will have your own TV, but interestingly, most people don’t use it.

Bring things for your family to do.

Family and friends should bring something to read or a computer or Kindle. Everybody can use cell phones in the hospital; there are no restrictions. There is free WiFi at both of our hospitals.

Parathyroid Surgery GuideIMPORTANT: Tell the people that are coming with you to download this app so they can follow along with you and know what is happening. Their version of the app won’t be personalized like yours, but they can gain access to all of this information if they sign in as a guest. They will be much happier if they understand what is going on. The “Guest” version of the app is 98% the same.

Items to bring:

  • your cell phone with this app
  • a book or something to read
  • make sure your family has this app on their phone too
  • cell phone chargers
  • friends and family should bring something to read or a computer / Kindle  NOTE: During the COVID 19 Virus situation family cannot be with you in the hospital (we hate it too!). So make sure you bring things to keep you busy when you are waiting for your turn in the operating room.
  • your calcium pills
  • your wallet/purse and identification
  • snacks for your family
  • smiles

Items to leave at home or in the hotel:

  • jewelry
  • CPAP machine (leave it at the hotel)
  • frowns