Day of Your Operation

Your nursing staff


Our nurses work in the Parathyroid Center only, and like our surgeons, they have dedicated their career to curing parathyroid disease. They love it because we change people’s lives all day long! Our nurses have seen many patients just like you and will anticipate your needs because of this experience. They all have a name badge and don’t mind if you call them by their first name (the doctors don’t mind that either).

It’s a team effort!

Our nurses work as a team, but typically one will be assigned to you as your primary nurse in the recovery room. They are happy to get you or your family a warm blanket, so don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you want. We are very proud of our nurses and proud that they get gifts from happy patients almost every day. We love our nurses! And you will too.

Before you leave the hospital, your nurse will go over your instructions one last time. They will remind you that you had your first calcium pill already (because you won’t remember taking it) and they will go over your schedule for taking your calcium the rest of the day. They will fill your ice bag for your neck with fresh ice before you leave, and they will make sure one or more of the surgeons has said goodbye before you leave.

Calling for your transportation

If you have valet parked your car, give your car number to your nurse and he/she will call the valet and have them bring your car around for you. If you are headed back to one of our hotels that has a shuttle service, your nurse will call them and arrange for the shuttle for you. They have the timing down to a science so let them handle it for you. You will be amazed how great our nursing team is.

Most of you will meet Beth, who is our Nurse Practitioner. She will go over the post op instructions that are included in this app, and she will give you a printed copy of the most important stuff. On those post-op instructions are the cell phone numbers of all of the doctors–numbers that you can use for any urgent questions.