Meet Your Surgeons

Dan Ruan, MD, FACS

Dr. Dan Ruan joined the Norman Parathyroid Center from Harvard University where he was the director of endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery) and the director of Harvard’s endocrine surgery fellowship program, tasked with teaching the next generation of thyroid and parathyroid surgeons. Dr Ruan went to medical school at Duke University and then did his surgical training and residency at Harvard. He then went to UCSF for additional fellowship training in endocrine surgery.

Dr Ruan is extremely intelligent with a warm personality that makes every patient calm and assured. His knowledge of parathyroid disease is unrivaled and his insight into how parathyroid surgery is performed very differently throughout the US and other countries is amazing to hear. He brings tremendous surgical skills and his experience with minimally invasive techniques makes Dan one of the best and insightful parathyroid surgeons in the world. Dan is loved by all the patients and hospital staff because he is so up-beat and positive.

Dan has published over 40 scientific journal articles including in the New England Journal of Medicine. He currently leads our basic-science research division.