Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear makeup?


We understand that some women feel “naked” without their makeup. However, having surgery isn’t a glamour competition and most people come looking quite “ordinary”. Yes you can come to the hospital wearing makeup. You don’t have to come naked! However, be light on the makeup, and especially, no base or other kind of makeup on your neck.

Leave jewelry at home

Try not wear jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or watches.  You can’t go into the operating room with any jewelry on. If you bring jewelry we will have you take if off and give it to your family or put it into a safe we have for you (we have a personal safe for every patient).  If you can’t get your wedding ring off, we can work around it. Same goes for some body piercings, we can work around it.

Nail Polish is OK

Some surgery centers require that their patients remove all their nail polish. We do not have that requirement. You can leave your nail polish on.

Bottom line

Our patients are the best looking people in the hospital!  However, try to remember that all of the hospital folks are dressed in scrubs and loose fitting clothes. Nobody looks very good at the hospital!  So save your beautiful red stilettos for your celebration dinner.