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Online reviews are very important these days and they are important to us. It’s funny, but people will take the advice of total strangers before they pick a doctor, download an app, or check out a new restaurant.

We work hard to take care of our patients and are always trying to improve. A lot of time and effort went into making this app for you. Please give it a 5-star review!

How to give a review of an app:

– Read all of this before you start… then go to the app store

– Do NOT click on the word that says “open”, it will just open the app.

– Instead, just tap the pictures of the pages in the middle of the screen.

– Look for the word “Reviews” and tap on it. Or look for the stars and tap on them.

– Tap on “Write a Review”.

– At the top are 5 stars, click all five!  Don’t be cheap here!

– Pick a short and clever title like “this app rocks!”

– Write something about how the app helped you.

– Hit submit.

– Pat yourself on the back for helping us help other people.

Feeling generous and thankful?

Thanks! Now that you are feeling good and appreciative of our care, please go to the last section of this app (Section 6) and give a 5-Star Review of your experience at the Norman Parathyroid Center on Yelp and Google!  These reviews are important to us, and to other patients! Note that section 6 doesn’t work until your day of surgery.