Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a review of your center?

We love our patients, and our patients love us!  The doctors, nurses and staff of the Norman Parathyroid Center are very passionate about parathyroid disease and are trying to teach people world-wide.

Positive reviews online are very important

People often thank us for taking care of them, and ask “what can I do for you?”  The answer is: Positive reviews online are very important to us and we would love for you to tell other patients about the great experience you had at our center.


Section Six of this app is a feedback section. Please use it!  NOTE: It doesn’t work until the day of surgery, but then it allows you to tell us how we did and gives you an opportunity to give feedback and reviews. So while you are at home or in your hotel room after the operation, take the time to give us a 5-Star review!  This is no time to be cheap with the stars!

Make a Video Testimonial!

Section Six of this app also has a tool that allows you to make a short video (45 seconds or less). You can use this video to teach something that you learned through this process, talk about how hard it was to get doctors to listen to you, or to tell how you liked our doctors and nurses.

You can even come back here in a few weeks to make a video telling the world how good you feel after the parathyroid disease was cured. This is your opportunity to tell others what you want them to know. We will put all these videos on a new page on our website: Parathyroid,com.

Imagine how great it would have been for you to watch a bunch of videos of other people giving hints and teaching points!