Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I stay in Tampa?


Traveling by car

If you are traveling by car, you should feel free to get in the car after your operation and drive on home. Of course, you can’t drive, but you can be a passenger. If you live in Florida and are traveling by car, you should plan on driving home the same day, although some patients do choose to stay the night of surgery in Tampa. Remember, the first 3 patients of the day can expect to be out of the hospital by 9:45 am, so traveling home by car is easy. However, patients who are the last ones of our day may not leave the hospital until 6:00 pm or so. These later patients should plan on staying in the Tampa area if they have to drive more than an hour or two.

Traveling by airplane

About 65% of our patients live outside of Florida, with about 8% living outside of the United States. Thus, way more than half of our patients fly to Tampa for their operation. We recommend flying home the day after the operation. We do not recommend flying the day of surgery. Trust us, we’ve done this well over 30,000 times. Spend the night of surgery in Tampa, (or drive to Orlando, or the beach, or somewhere else in Florida), and then fly home the next day.

Flying to other countries

If you have flown into Tampa from another country, you can still plan on flying home the day after surgery. Interestingly, most elect to spend one more day in Tampa going to the museum, to the Aquarium, to the Dali Museum, to the beach, or to Disney. But you can feel free to fly back to another country the day after surgery if you chose.

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