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My friend needs thyroid surgery


Several people per day say to us: “Do you do thyroid surgery too?  I have a friend that needs thyroid surgery.” 

Of course, on this page we are talking about THYROID and not PARA-THYROID.

Well … Yes and No

The Norman Parathyroid Center is the best in the world because we do one thing only; we only do parathyroid surgery and have done more than the top 20 universities combined. However, many endocrinologists have asked us over the years to provide this level of expertise for THYROID also. They are tired of sending their patients to their local ENT surgeon for thyroid surgery and then having the patient lose their voice and not be able to talk because of damage to the vocal cord nerve. They got tired of having their thyroid cancer patients develop recurrent disease (the cancer comes back) several years after surgery because the surgeon didn’t get it all out.

Clayman Thyroid Center

In 2016 we were very fortunate to recruit America’s most experienced and respected thyroid surgeon to join us in Tampa. Dr Gary Clayman was the Chief of Surgery, the Director of Endocrine Surgery, and the Founder of the Thyroid Cancer Program at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas for 17 years. He literally “wrote the book” on thyroid cancer surgery.  We opened our sister center the Clayman Thyroid Center in September, 2016, and in just over 1 year it became the #1 thyroid cancer center in the U.S.

Thyroid and Parathyroid Institute at TGH

Dr Norman was instrumental in working with Tampa General Hospital (the home for NPC for over 20 years) to form the new Thyroid and Parathyroid Institute at TGH in 2016. The hospital started a $20MM building project in 2017 to house the new Institute which will be modeled after the tremendous success of NPC. The Clayman Thyroid Center and the Norman Parathyroid Center will be side-by-side in the new facilities which will take up the entire 6th floor of the building, housing 7 dedicated operating rooms, our own pathology and radiology services, recovery rooms and everything else we need.

Great news for patients with thyroid and parathyroid problems

The good news for the patients is that the expertise necessary to tackle any problem of the thyroid or parathyroid is located in one area. The most experienced thyroid surgeons are working hand-in-hand, side-by-side the world’s most experienced parathyroid surgeons.

So if your friend or family member needs thyroid surgery, now you know where the best in the world is located!

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