Frequently Asked Questions

When and what can I eat?

When and what can I eat?


You can eat anything you want as soon as the operation is over. You will have no restrictions. We will give you a Popsicle and most people feel best when eating/drinking cold liquids. You can eat any food you want. You may want to have a nice celebratory dinner the night of surgery.

I’ve been on a low calcium diet for a while

Many people are put on a low calcium diet when they have high blood calcium. We don’t care much about this unless your calcium is above 12.0 mg/dl. But even if you are on a low calcium diet, you can stop that as soon as the operation is over.  So, if your doctors back home previously told you that you had to avoid calcium-rich foods, you can ignore this now. Your calcium problem is over and you can eat anything you want!  Calcium was the enemy, now calcium is your best friend. Let’s get those bones better!


Some people ask us if they can have a glass of wine with dinner after their operation. The answer is yes, depending on how you feel. Remember, you have some anesthesia drugs in your system so even one alcoholic drink will have a greater effect on you than normal. So be careful here and be smart. But if you are feeling good and are out for a nice dinner celebrating your successful operation, then feel free to enjoy with one drink.