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When will bone pain go away?

When will bone pain go away?

Bone pain is common in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. It is most common in older patients, and those with osteoporosis. The bone pain is usually in the hips, legs, back shoulders and arms, but hips and back are the most common. Of course there are reasons other than hyperparathyroidism that make people have bone pain, but if you have bone pain and a parathyroid tumor, there is a very high chance that the pain will be better, or often, completely gone.

Pain relief can be dramatic and fast

While most people with bone pain experience an immediate improvement following parathyroidectomy (usually within an hour of the operation). Often this is dramatic and life-changing.

A few patients notice that some pain returns within a week or two. The reason for this is not clear, but is likely a result of bone remodeling (rapid healing) that occurs after parathyroid surgery. Over time, this remodeling leads to improved bone density, but may cause discomfort. We recommend that you continue calcium and Vitamin D supplementation after your operation, and if you have not done so, start taking a daily magnesium supplement, which is important for calcium metabolism and bone health. Your bones will be much healthier with the parathyroid tumor gone – any bone pain that is associated with the parathyroid will be gone in days or weeks.