Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your patients come from?


The Norman Parathyroid Center operates on about 75 parathyroid patients per week, and they come from all over the world.

  • About 92% live outside of the Tampa Bay area
  • About 60% live outside of Florida
  • About 4% are from Canada (more Canadians are operated on here than anywhere in Canada)
  • About 5% are from Europe, the Middle East, Australia, etc.
  • Check out the MAP link below to see locations

How do the patients get sent to you?

The majority of our patients are sent to us by their doctors. About 40% are sent by an endocrinologist. About 40% are sent by their PCP or cardiologist, or nephrologist.

About 20% of patients send themselves to see us. Many of this last group are fed up with how things are going. They are tired of getting scans and the doctors giving vitamin D to try to “fix” what they have come to understand is a freaking tumor in their neck.  About 35% of our patients have downloaded our CalciumPro app which helps them diagnose hyperparathyroidism because their doctors were getting it wrong.

#1 Parathyroid Center in Texas, and California, and … 

Did you know that more people in Texas are operated at the Norman Parathyroid Center than anywhere in Texas? This is also true for New York, Ohio, California, Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and about 20 other states. More people in Canada have their parathyroid operation in Tampa than anywhere in Canada.

Check out the map!

Check out our interactive map that shows where our patients came from. Some of our past patients are your neighbors!