Memorial Hospital of Tampa

Memorial Hospital of Tampa, a member of HCA West Florida Division, has been providing comprehensive healthcare services for residents of south Tampa for more than 40 years.
The Norman Parathyroid Center moved about 25% of its operations to this hospital in May 2020 for several reasons, but primarily for the safety of our patients. Our other hospital is much larger and is a teaching center for USF, therefore many more COVID-19 virus cases were seen there. At Memorial Hospital, only three virus patients were ever seen and the hospital went several months with zero virus patients. It was a no-brainer bringing our patients to this hospital and it is where Dr Norman operates exclusively now.
The hospital is located in the Hyde Park portion of Tampa only a few blocks from our famed South Howard Restaurant District. It is located on Swann Avenue in between Howard Ave to the east and Dale Mabry to the west. You are looking for the Surgery Center around the back side.
When you get to the hospital, go around to the back and you will see the area to have your car valet parked. It is by the sign that says “Surgery Center”. This is on the corner of W. De Leon St and S. Habana on the back side of the hospital. Drive around, go up the hill, and valet under this overhang.
If you arrive prior to 06:00 the valet guys may not be there yet. If this happens, park in the big parking lot that is right next to you. NOTE, during the virus rules, there is not valet–so park in the big you will see.
Virus Information
The virus situation has changed some things for a little while but it is getting better!  At Memorial Hospital your family CAN come in with you and sit at your bedside while you meet with Drs Carling, Rhodes, and Suh. The hospital staff will check their temperature and give them a mask that they must wear, but then they can be with you at your side until you go into the operating room.
If your family member/friend doesn’t want to stay with you they can go back home or to the hotel and Dr Carling, Rhodes or Suh will call them before and after the operation to tell them what is going on and how you did.
If you are staying at one of our hotels, DO NOT check out in the morning. Tell the hotel you are having surgery with the Norman Parathyroid Center and ask for a late checkout (probably about 3:00pm). This will give your family a choice of staying at your side for a few hours while you wait, or they can go back to the hotel and relax while waiting for you.